Hello! I'm Christina - Nice to meet you ☺

About Me 😊

Hello! I love making and eating desserts. I also love craft, cute animals and all things miniature. I enjoy playing netball, tennis and swimming. I have been playing the piano since i was 3, and music has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. ♫ Forget your worries, and listen to whatever music appeals to you, as music is one of the things in the world that can change you for the better, no matter what you are doing. ♫ Remember, don't wait for others to change the world for the better, get up and change it yourself! 😍

My Interests 😘

I love writing, reading and watching movies. I'm also interested in Science and Maths, as well as making miniature models and crafts. Learning new things is what moves us forward, so that's pretty important too 😉 I love working with polymer clay to make tiny food items and i also love mini stuffed animals. I spend a lot of time on Youtube and Pinterest, where I spend most of my time watching funny videos or pinning things that i find cute or interesting. Life isn't complete without family or friends, so I make sure to spend plenty of time with them. 😇

My Things And Stuff 😍

I love watching the sunset and sunrise, as well as looking at really cute images of animals! I love making and eating different desserts, but especially macarons and fancy cakes, so enjoy this slideshow of all my favourite images ☺