Hi guys I am Georgina!

About Me

Hi my name is Georgie, I am thirteen, I am learning French and play the French horn in my school band, i also play the piano and am very crafty. I hate boring things and raw tomatoes, I LOVE mushrooms and olives though. My favourite subject at school is English though Maths is pretty good and so is Science and HaSS. WEIRD FACT: My dogs favourite treat is a gluten free breakfast biscuit! I am Gluten free and Lactose Intolerant. .

Things I find COOL!!!

I love Architecture, coding, designing, science, drawing, soccer, animals, the colour blue, DOGS, cooking, art, woodworking and a whole lot of other stuff!!! My favourite Quotes are "BE THE PERSON YOUR DOG THINKS YOU ARE" and "Dont get confused between my personality and my attitued. My personality is who i am, my attitued depends on you."

Portuguese water dog that looks similar to mine!!!


I do Soccer, Horse riding, debating, Drama and I also do the CSIRO workshop. I have two dogs called Indigo and Noir, and an annoying brother (who i consider to be an animal). My FAVOURITE meal would have to be either Spaghetti bolognese wich in my house is called spag-bog or SUSHI!!! When I get older I want to be a Vet or Architect. And in case you havent noticed I LOVE Dogs especialy my two fluffy PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS!!!!!!!!!