Hey, I am Jessica!

About Me

I am a thirteen year old girl who loves a positive and vibrant energy. I am a clean and organised. A strange fact, but I am that person that laughs at the RANDOMEST things. I love the minty blue and green colours. I have also broken my arm a few times, but let's not get started on THAT story. I have a younger whose name is Jerone ( who I call ' Annoying little RAT') and he is 10 years old.I come from a Sri Lankan Tamil background so yes, that does mean I eat curry EVERYDAY! ALL my friends describe me as some SMART GENIUS with ALL my subjects and a really caring, kind and helpful friend. But to be honest, I have NO IDEA what they are talking about. One of my FAVOURITE life quotes are..." Be a fruit loop in a WORLD of cheerios."

My Interest in Photography/ Videography

Something I really have an interest in is photography and videography. This is actually a fact that a lot of people DON'T know about me! Honestly, I really don't know when I started to have an interest in this. With photography,I literally just get a random camera and take REALLY random pictures whether it's a picture of a ruined cake or some random flowers down the street. My friends have mentioned that my photos actually look quite good looking and PROFESSIONAL. I enjoy making videos because I find videography as a way to express your imagination and literally mess around by filming WHATEVER you want. '

My major interest

My other hobbies

Another one of my hobbies is reading. Reading helps give me a WILD imagination and really help me to calm myself down. I also really enjoy writing. I enjoy writing because it is also another way for me to express my thoughts and imaginations on paper. Something else I also enjoy is dancing but I just like the feel of improvising to music. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family by simply just talking, eating and laughing. I probably could go on and on about my hobbies but the list would be WAY TOO LONG which would be really likely to make you fall asleep, so I'll just end it here. '