Lucy (sasssqautch)

Sike 1,2,3,4

About Me Hi I am a midget with one big persanality. Ilove hanging out with my friends playing basketball and netball or swimming up and down the pool. My faveourite game to play on apple deviceds is either colour switch or... 100 balls. In my spare time which is hardly ever because of sport, school and other after school activities i like to read or watch youtube. I love to dance or do tricks such as cartweeles handsprings or tumbling. My faveourite position in netball is GA, Goal Attack or GS, Goal Shooter, because i can shoot and run a bit although i can be aggresive when i want that damn ball. My faveourite thing to do outside is most likely bouncing my basketball. As many people may knome as Lucy i like to be called Sasssqautch or Sulli. Right now love the saying Sike 1,2,3,4 infact that was actualy a team name that me and my friends came up with.


Me being a savage