Hi, I'm Ruby. A singing, funloving, cat person

"If you're nothing without the suit, than you shouldnt have it" - Tony Stark 2017

About Me

I love Spider-man, Shawn Mendes is my husband, and Titanic is my favourite romance film OF ALL TIME!!!!. Food is my bestfriend, and I love going to music concerts. I'm totally an extrovert, but love my me time. I can't go a day without water. Toppo is a great snack, you should try it sometime.

My Interests

I enjoy stalking people on instagram, I go on rants about things that annoy me, and I love watching YouTube and Netflix. My cats are my life, and my bed is my world. If I could haver cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner, I would. I love singing songs from The Wizard Of Oz and High School Musical. I love to dance, especially when I'm listening to a great song.

My favourite Marvel superhero

My favourite music artist

Other Interesting Facts About Me

I love travelling and experiencing new things. I love drama and eating food. I love to listen to music everyday. People always think I am older then I actually am, but I'm a 10 year old at heart. Sometimes I just randomly break into song and dance. When I approach people, they usually think that I'm intimidating, until they meet my personality:):).

Check out my favourite person at one of his concerts.