So Sassy

I am Saskia

About Me

Hi I am Saskia Meir. I go to Canberra Girls Grammer school. I am am in year 7 and will turn 13 in November. I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends and being way too sassy.

My Interests

At the moment I am doing Stem sells a project that lets young girls get into IT. thisa program goes for 10 weeks. i am in my 5th week. We have done many cool things wilst here; in the first lesson we made our lab coats pretrty by using UV ink. in the second week we made jewlry with dicronic glass. in the third week we grew fungi and mushrooms. in the fourth week we did robotics and fusing wires. in this week we are creating and coding web pages.

My Things And Stuff

Fun facts about me. i have moved house more than 5 times. I have been to 4 schools I have twin brothers who are 8 I was born in Scotland and lived there until i was 7 The longest plane ride i went on was over 15 hours I hate maths I love english i kinda like science and all the other subjects are ok i play piano and sing in 2 choirs i have just started learning claranet i am the only girl in my year in my school to come from my primary school I love fun facts I AM WAY TOO SASSY FOR YOU! :).